Hello & Welcome to Simply Cut Art

Hello & Welcome to Simply Cut Art

Hello everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to have a browse of our website and online store. We've been designing, making and selling online since 2007, but Simply Cut Art is one of our more recent additions. We started with our laser cutting ventures in 2016, and launched our own website www.simplycutart.com at the beginning of 2019. 

Now (nearly two years later!) we decided it might be a good idea to start a simple blog to add to our website. Hopefully it will give you a better idea of who we are and what we do. But we also plan to use it to make any new announcements, updates and maybe even some laser cutting tips!

We're just a little family business and we work out of a studio workshop we built in the garden of our home near Valencia on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. We're originally from Minnesota in the USA (Jeff) and just south of Scotland in the UK (Liza). So far we've shipped products to almost every continent in the world - unsurprisingly Antarctica is still proving to be a difficult market to crack! 

Our main markets are the USA, Canada, UK and Australia but we love getting orders from anywhere and are always surprised where some of our art ends up!

Thankfully our artwork is fairly lightweight and can be safely packaged in either a hardbacked envelope or shipping box, this means we are able to offer free shipping on all our designs regardless of where it is to be sent!

So that's it for the awkward introduction! We'll be adding more in-depth articles, announcements and blog posts in the future. 

Thanks for reading,

Jeff & Liza

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