Simply Cut Art - Our plans for 2021!

Simply Cut Art - Our plans for 2021!

Well, now the Christmas flurry is over and 2020 has (finally!) come to an end we've got much more time to concentrate on what we like doing best - coming up with new designs!

For 2021 our plans, amongst others, are to expand the popular aviation and vintage patents collections. We also have plans to look into creating other lines of artwork/products that are different to the layered wall art we currently offer. Nothing has been decided yet - we're still thinking!

While our main venture involves laser cut and engraved wood, we're also exploring the idea of combining it with 3D printed materials to create more detailed and intricate artwork.

Another area we'll be looking into is a framing service/option for our artwork. It was something we had planned on offering in 2020, but then of course the Coronavirus reared it's ugly head and we had to modify our plans as we couldn't guarantee a regular supply of frames and shipping became more problematic, expensive and less reliable. It just wasn't the right time. Hopefully later this year it will be.

In addition to an expanded range of designs, products and options we also plan to improve the experience for our customers. Most of our customers are based in English-speaking countries, but a good number come from countries where English is not the main language. Offering our website in multiple languages to help out non-English speaking customers is something we will be looking into for 2021.

Aside from all that, our plans for this year mainly revolve around trying to consolidate all the hardwork of the past years and get through the other side of this pandemic in as good a shape as possible!
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