Anatomy Art, Human Brain, Laser Cut Wood, 8x10" or A4 sized

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Anatomy art featuring the human brain.

This 'cerebral' anatomy artwork is made using laser cut 1/8" (3mm) wood layered over a detailed printed background. The image features labels pointing out the location of several of the brain's most important structures and lobes.

Brain anatomy art

This brain anatomy art is the perfect gift or home decor for doctors, nurses, psychiatrists or anyone working in medicine. But it also looks great as science related artwork in any home or office. It's guaranteed to get comments!

The three-dimensional design helps show the layout of the brain in a way which would be impossible with a traditional 2D print.

This brain anatomy art does not include the frame.


Customization Options

Please choose between either 8x10 inch or A4-sized backing card.


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