Firefighter Decor, Firefighter's Gift, Patent Art, 8x10" or A4 sizes

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Vintage firefighter's helmet patent art.

This eye-catching three-dimensional artwork features a vintage firefighter's helmet patent from the 1930s. The image is created by layering 1/8" (3mm) laser cut and engraved wood over a detailed printed background.

Firefigher gifts, Firefighter home decor

The helmet is shown from different angles and close-ups. The 1932 patent art showcases the iconic shape and wide-brimmed design which is still similar to many US firefighter helmets to this day.

The stylish combination of wood layered over card provides the artwork with a subtle three-dimensional quality and really helps bring the vintage patent to life.

This patent art makes a great gift idea or home decor for firefighters, but it works equally well as retro industrial design in any home!

This firefighting art does not include the frame.


Customization Options

Please choose between either 8x10 inch or A4 sized backing card.


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