What we make and how we make it!

What we make and how we make it!

What We Make

With Simply Cut Art we offer a range of scientific, mechanical, aviation, automotive and anatomical art. But we also create custom maps, and, going back to where it started, a range of custom nursery art and personalized signs.
We like to think our artwork is unusual and interesting - something a little bit different from a standard print. The subtle three-dimensional construction of the artwork often helps display the subject in a unique way which shows it off in a way which would otherwise be impossible. Creating each layer individually and figuring out what goes where and in which order can sometimes be a little tricky (or downright frustrating!) but the end result is quite satisfying.

Simply Cut Art laser cut artwork

We add to our range of designs regularly, and while we have an almost endless list of ideas we're slowly working through, we're more than happy to create new custom designs based on requests. You can contact us if you'd like to find out about any custom requests. If the request is for a new design which we can later add into our line up of products the price will be comparable to similar designs we already offer, and even if it's for a completely unique one-off design you might be pleasantly surprised at the price! We only ask for a small deposit before starting on any new artwork, and the deposit is fully refunded when ordering the finished design.

How We Make It!

We start every design using photograph editing software to create the overall design. We then figure out how each layer will fit into the design, what will be printed, what will be engraved and where the cuts will be made. We then transfer that design to another piece of software to make the files which the laser uses to either engrave or cut the individual pieces. We then engrave, cut and print all the component pieces and assemble the finished design!
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