Design Process & Product Information

These multi-layer images from Simply Cut Art are designed provide a unique, eye-catching and interesting piece of wall art. The individual layers are carefully constructed to provide maximum effect, showing the image in a way which would be impossible on a flat piece of paper.

On some images the background card features printed artwork with annotations, dimensions, or simply additional graphics to provide yet another level of interest to the design.

Many of the images can be personalised with custom text or details. Please see the item details for more information. Entirely unique, designed-from-scratch, custom three-dimensional artwork is also available. Please message us with details of your requirements to find out more!


Design Process

The images are created using photographs, sketches, original blueprints or patent drawings to create an accurate and detailed representation in Photoshop, with additional detail, like annotated notes and specifications added to some of the designs.

The images are then transferred into Adobe Illustrator where they are finalized and modified to work with the software which controls the laser cutter/engraver.

Once the wooden pieces have been cut and engraved, they are carefully fixed together before being mounted on their backing card.

Depending on the design, a raised tag featuring the image title and specifications is also printed, cut, and fixed in place. The images are then carefully wrapped, boxed and shipped to your door!



The images are designed to fit either 8x10 or A4-sized frames. Please choose from the drop-down list which size you would like when ordering. The size of the laser cut design and any printed backing will be identical on both - only the outer dimensions of the backing card is different.

A4 is a standard paper size commonly used outside of the US, it is comparable to 8x10 inches at 29.7x21cm.




The laser cut layers are created using a 1/8" (3mm) thick composite wood. Wood veneer with a grain, while attractive, has too much natural variation for the laser to pick out small details clearly.

The backing card is sturdy 270 GSM cardstock and the ink used is of archive quality. The backing card used as standard is bright white, other colors are available on request.

The adhesive used to fix the layers together is an extremely strong two-part epoxy.


Production Time

Many of the items are cut and printed to order, although we keep some of the more popular items in stock to speed up delivery times. Most orders will be ready to ship within 3-5 working days - although often sooner! If the order is delayed for any reason we'll let you know right away.



All the designs are shipped without frames - unless specifically stated otherwise.

Please see our framing guide if you need any helpful framing tips!

The images will fit most standard 8x10 frame or A4 frame (depending on the size of the image you order). Due to the three-dimensional nature of the designs, it may be necessary to remove the glass from the frame, unless it is a box frame with sufficient space between the mounting board and the glass at the front.