Wholesale & Bulk Orders for Custom Designs

In addition to sales directly to individual buyers looking for just one or two items, we also sell wholesale to business and offer significant discounts for bulk orders.

We have a low minimum wholesale order amount, and offer free shipping on larger orders.

Our designs are packaged in a clear protective envelope with a sturdy cardboard backing. The rear label includes the title and a short description of the artwork.

Custom Designs (Wholesale)

As well as the designs already available, we also offer the ability to create new designs to suit the wholesale buyer's needs (minimum order quantity applies).

For example if you operate a gift shop in a popular tourist area you may also be interested in laser cut maps of your locality. Or if your business is specifically tailored to a niche style, sport or hobby  we can create designs based on your requirements to suit your customer's tastes.


Just email us at info@simplycutart.com or fill out the simple form below to find out more. There's no obligation and we're happy to send a sample piece before you decide!


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