Shipping policy

We offer FREE shipping worldwide!

Our shipping prices are based on the total weight of your order and delivery location. Due to the fact our artwork is relatively lightweight, shipping prices for anywhere in the world start at absolutely zero for standard (non-tracked) shipping.

Tracked shipping is optional and the price will be automatically calculated before checkout based on the overall weight of the ordered items and your location.

We make everything to order and most items are usually ready to ship within 3 business days, although often much sooner! Highly customized, unique or special order items may take longer.

Shipping to the USA and Canada typically takes 10-14 days, the UK and Europe 5-7 days, and Australia / New Zealand 14-18 days from the day of shipping. We ship to many other destinations however the above estimates are provided as a guide. At the bottom of the page is a more detailed description of delivery times for some of the main destinations.

If you select tracked shipping your exact shipping cost will be calculated during checkout and you will see your total price, including shipping, before confirming payment.

If several items are ordered at once and intended for the same delivery address they will be sent together and the shipping price will be combined where possible to reduce cost.

Delivery times worldwide can be effected by seasonal changes. Typically we notice the mail moves slightly slower around Christmas and in the middle of summer.

Below is a guide on different countries shipping times and reliability based on our experience and customer feedback.

USA - Typically orders to the US take around 10-14 days for delivery (although it can be as little as 6 days) and we have found USPS to be extremely reliable for delivery. Most orders arrive within the timeframe we would expect and lost or damaged orders are extremely rare.

Canada - Deliveries to Canada are very reliable with very few lost or damaged orders. Depending on the time of year Canada Post can be a little slower than the 10-14 days we typically expect, around Christmas they can be noticeably slower.

Europe - Mail carriers within Europe are generally very reliable and depending on the country delivery is usually within 5-7 days. Northern and Western Europe is generally a few days faster than Eastern Europe.

Australia and New Zealand - Deliveries to both Australia and New Zealand are again very reliable. It's quite common to see the delivery time extend a little beyond the 14-18 days depending on the time of year, but NZ Post and Australia Post are both extremely reliable in our opinion.

UK - Deliveries to the UK are usually within 5-7 days although up to 10 days is not unusual. Royal Mail is generally very reliable and we have very few problems with lost or damaged orders.

Middle East - Depending on your location we would generally recommend using the tracked shipping option. Tracked packages rarely get lost or damaged and are fully insured.

South Africa - With shipments to South Africa we would recommend the tracked shipping option as the South African Post Office can be slightly unreliable. With tracked orders we don't tend to have problems, and it also insures the package in the event it is lost.

South America - Again for orders to South America we would recommend the tracked shipping upgrade as postal services there can be slightly unreliable in our experience unless it is to a major urban area.